How do we facilitate human connection in a world where most jobs are automated? That is the question asked by a new video inspired by Dr. Michael Laitman. Many experts are discussing Universal Basic Income as a way to address technological unemployment, but is this enough? Are there other mechanisms to facilitate the human experience?

From the description:

“Malls are collapsing as drones take to the air. Tens of thousands of employees are being fired as automated supermarkets take shape. Autonomous cars are threatening drivers. Artificial intelligence is spreading through the service sector. 3D printers are redefining manufacturing. And talking smartphones are becoming personal secretaries. The jobs of the future are unclear. And everyone’s playing with the idea of a universal basic income. But with it, a profound question arises, what will be the role of the human being in the near future? And where are we going as a society?”

Joseph Ohayon, “At the Crossroads: The Universal Basic Income Dilemma“. Jun 19, 2017. Youtube.

Presented by Joseph Ohayon
Inspired by conversations with Dr. Michael Laitman