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Marcus Brancaglione: “209 reasons to have faith on basic income”

(Bruna Augusto)

Marcus Brancaglione has written yet another book about basic income. Marcus, a brazilian author with more than ten edited books and founder of the Recivitas NGO in Brazil, has compiled libertarian arguments from four of his other books in this new 445 page book.


As a way of spreading the book’s message, Bruna Augusto, president of Recivitas, and Marcus longtime partner, is posting on Youtube a series of videos related to the book (example here). These videos will be exactly 209 in number, and each contains a short paragraph of the book (one of the “reasons”). The purpose is also to ask people to translate into other languages these short videos, in a collaborative effort to get the book translated.


Inside the book, reason 22 – “propaganda” – can be read:

“While this political-economic system is maintained not just through forced labor, but from the use of human beings in all kinds of services and experiments: military, pharmaceutical, academic and social; while we accept that our income comes from reducing other people to human resources, forced, openly or covertly, to give way their freedom and sell their bodies in exchange for cash, basic income will face ridicule, denial and even hatred.”


Original book (in Brazilian Portuguese):

Marcus Brancaglione, “209 razões para ter fé na renda básica [209 reasons to have faith on basic income]”, N Razões, Brazil, 2016

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