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Bill Gates Addresses UBI on Reddit AMA

Bill Gates. Credit to: The Huffington Post

On a recent Reddit AMA, Bill Gates says countries aren’t rich enough to support a Universal Basic Income (UBI). In the meantime, Gates suggests investing in government programs and increasing the demand of labor.  


Bill Gates posted his fifth Reddit AMA on Monday, February 27th, 2017. He responded to questions on a number of topics, ranging from his favorite vacation spot to his viewpoints on whether social media has contributed to divisions in the United States. One Reddit user asked Gates about his thoughts on Universal Basic Income (UBI).

In his response, Gates points to constraints in making this alternative economic system scalable today. He described how countries may not currently have the financial capacity to support a UBI, stating: “Even the US isn’t rich enough to allow people not to work.” Currently, there is a lack of evidence that UBI is linked to decreasing employment or willingness to work. On the contrary, Rutgers Professor James Livingston has shown there is empirical evidence that a subsidy to one’s income has little to no impact on one’s work ethic. Countries around the world are initiating UBI pilots to test feasibility, structure and impacts. In fact, the Finnish UBI pilot is intended to increase employment and reduce poverty.

In the meantime, Gates proposes supporting specific historically marginalized populations, such as seniors and youth with disabilities. He also suggests increasing the amount of “adults helping in education.” One pathway of support he mentions is investment in government programs, like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), that will “help increase the demand for labor.” The Earned Income Tax Credit is a policy initiative that focuses on alleviating poverty for US citizens and has been shown to increase labor-market participation. There are numerous variations of UBI models; some which envision a guaranteed income working in tandem with existing government programs. In contrast to many currently existing government subsidies and programs, UBI assumes a guaranteed income to each individual member regardless of household income.

Gates raises a noteworthy point about the need for an increased demand for labor during a time where there is growing concern about how automation may lead to the loss of jobs. In a recent video interview, he has proposed taxing robots that take humans’ jobs and using that money to finance sectors like education, provide job training, and support government programs. Basic Income News author Tyler Prochazka expands upon Bill Gates’ former comments on taxing robots in his article and how this connects to UBI.


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  • Mr. Gate with this earth hitting black star there no place to go but under ground I would like to do that but I need money(desperate) thank you thank you

  • bongstar420

    The UBI isn’t about allowing people not to work.

    Besides, maybe the rich need to live by the same motivations as the poor.

  • Serf Jester

    Recessions/depressions have occurred in recorded history in America, since like the beginning of America’s conception, about every 8 years, and the gap since 2008 has been the longest ever in history. And Bernie arose to, in other words, prevent a complete collapse worse than the Great Depression. Not only is that collapse unstopped, but Trump is accelerating it. And it’s disconcerting it hasn’t happened already. It honestly ought to happen because the people do not look out for one another and it wouldn’t be justified if they get away with it through technology making them immortal. Progress for who? Idiots who care about themselves and to hell with the silently weak? Or we can do basic income and make it right (for those of us who haven’t been crushed yet in some way from hope).

  • James C. Geist

    American- Blue Collar Democratic Progressive Perspective: With Gates, Hawking & Musk talking about 47% unemployment by 2033 and 75% unemployment by 2099, what the hell is Washington DC doing about this? Is there President of your group in the U.S.? I volunteer to be President or a member of the education committee in the U.S. Where are the unions? Where are the politicians? We need to organize for a B.U.I.

  • Phil Osborn

    Google search Phil Osborn, Joeuser, poverty, solution

    I’ve been blogging on this topic since about 2007.

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