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MANCHESTER, UK: “Universal Basic Income: the centrepiece of a just society”

On Monday, January 30, BIEN Co-Chair Karl Widerquist will deliver a public lecture on “Basic Income: the centrepiece of a just society” at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

The event is hosted by Steady State Manchester — a community group dedicated to exploring the limitations of economic growth with a view towards an alternative “viable economics” — as well as the Research Center for Social Change and Community Wellbeing at MMU.

Details about Widerquist’s lecture, including registration information, are available on EventBrite. The event is free and open on the public.

The Social Change and Community Wellbeing research group is currently preparing a report on the psychological impact of a universal basic income. This report will be launched on February 18, 2017, at the Fair Living Festival at MMU. Information about this latter event will also be available on EventBrite.

Reviewed by Dave Clegg.

Manchester Ship Canal photo CC BY-SA 2.0 David Dixon.

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  • John Doyle

    I would like to stress the undeniable fact that a monetary sovereign government is not restricted in principle from buying all its debts without having to pay for them. In other words in its own currency the government can never go bankrupt unless laws are passed to do that.[which would be stupid]. The MS government NEVER needs to borrow or save its own currency, because it creates it when ever it buys or pays for its debts.
    A UBI is a government debt. A UBI can be brought into existence with no need to find ways to pay for it. The cost of a UBI can be whatever the output gap is between the current state of the economy and its potential under full employment.=[2% unemployment]
    Right now the fiscal space is enormous considering our economies are almost in recession.

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