On Friday, July 15, MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College of Arts is hosting a short workshop entitled “Universal basic income: the future of creative employment in a post-work world,” held at the University of the Arts in London, UK.

It is free to all University of the Arts London students, graduates, and staff, and aimed primarily at students graduating in the creative industries.

According to the event description, the workshop will examine universal basic income along with “emerging models of post-capitalism and post-work.” Small group discussions will be oriented around the topic of whether UBI and models of a “post-work” world “provide fruitful areas for artists and designers to explore and help define.”

The workshop is being held as part of Graduate Futures Week, which has been designed to provide students and graduates in the arts with “practical and inspirational talks, one-to-one support, employment opportunities and industry networking.”

Photo: Camberwell Art School (Public Domain) 

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