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AUDIO: André Coelho, Discussing Basic Income

André Coelho

André Coelho

In this 30 minutes podcast, Armando F. Sanchez interviews André Coelho, Basic Income News editor. Motivated by all recent developments related to automation, global job loss, precariousness and social unrest, CEO, broadcaster and author Armando F. Sanchez has started The Future of Today series, in which this podcast features as the opening show. In this podcast, the central theme is basic income, discussed as a possibility for dealing with present day social challenges, particularly related to work organization.


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Blog Talk Radio, Armando F. Sanchez program Latino Role Models & Success, “André Coelho, Ph.D., Discussing Basic Income

About Andre Coelho

André Coelho has written 351 articles.

Activist. Engineer. Musician. For the more beautiful world our hearts know it's possible.

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