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VIDEO: Christina Lambrecht, “Basic Income and Zeitgeist in Transition”

From the video description:

“On April 4th 2015, Christina Lambrecht gave a very vibrant talk about Basic Income. She talks about UBI and their critics without arguments, GNP without happiness, lazy losers winning the lottery, and robots stealing our jobs. She also explains the criteria for the UBI as defined by BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network), and arguments from a historic perspective, the need for a Basic Income, arriving at the conclusion that it’s all about the zeitgeist…

Organized by:
TZM (The Zeitgeist Movement) is a sustainability advocacy organization. The movement recognizes that issues such as poverty, corruption, pollution, homelessness, war, starvation and the like appear to be “symptoms” born out of an outdated social structure.
While intermediate reform steps are of interest to the movement, the defining goal is the installation of a new socioeconomic model based upon technically responsible resource management, allocation and design through what would be considered the scientific method of reasoning problems and finding optimized solutions.”

Watch the video here.

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Josh Martin is a recent graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science where he received an MSc in Social Policy and Planning and wrote his dissertation on the universal basic income as a possible solution to the problems facing Universal Credit in the UK. Prior to LSE, he attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, and is originally from Decorah, Iowa.

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