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FINLAND: Over Half of Citizens Support Basic Income

A recent poll conducted by TNS Gallup in November and December of 2015 found that 51 percent of Finnish respondents supported the idea of a basic income, while only 23 percent outright opposed the idea.

A majority of respondents agreed that a basic income would make it easier to start a business and mitigate financial difficulties, with the most support coming from entrepreneurs, students, and unemployed citizens.

However, 69 percent of respondents believed that setting the basic income level would lead to heated disagreements between political parties. On this note, those least likely to support a basic income came from the populist Finns Party or the centre-right National Coalition Party, while those most likely to support it adhered to the Left Alliance and Green parties.  All things considered, however, the proportion of Finns supporting a basic income seems to be going down from a staggering 70 percent previously to 51 percent now.

Recent news out of Finland confirmed plans for a basic income pilot project from 2017 to 2019, joining other countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland in seriously debating the topic.

To learn more, view this article from Yle.

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  • 51% in favour, 23% against is good, but why did 19% got cold fee?. But I have another problem. Please, somebody prove me wrong, but I am aware of no one else who links the Basic Income(Citizens’ Income here in UK) to Green issues, specifically enabling an economic ‘soft landing’ (a planned recession) to help to make the Paris agreement a success..
    If all that happens is that the poor spend money confiscated from the rich, with no guidance whatsoever on not spending on ecologically harmful purchases, ‘Paris’ will not save us.
    Please look at my blog for alternative ideas

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