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CANADA: Elizabeth May: Paying Everyone A Basic Income Will End Poverty And Save Money

Basic Income is an idea that has been gaining popularity amongst Canadians. The Green Party has made basic income one of the most important planks of their platform, tying it to their anti-poverty efforts and elder care strategy.
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Dubbing their “Guaranteed Livable Income” (GLI), the Greens would use “a single universal, unconditional cash benefit delivered through the tax system” to replace the current complex system of federal and provincial support.
In a recent article, Huffington Post Canada sat down with party leader Elizabeth May to discuss why providing a basic income to all Canadians would pay off for Canada. The interview provides valuable information about the reasons why she and other Greens believe that the “Guaranteed Livable Income” is the perfect anti-poverty measure.

For more information, read the whole article here:

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  • helio cardoso

    Good to know that someone might try something new. I really like the idea of a Basic Income.
    Even though, a better anti-poverty measure could be a Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project. The implementation of a Basic Income could lead to something much bigger which could be a Global Resource Based Economy. Are you guys familiar with The Venus Project and their proposal? If not go to their website to know more:

    • Dejan Tachevski

      Thank you Helio. I was not familiar with The Venus Project, but as i look through the website it surely captured my attention and got me interested about the idea. It is sad that every idea that could improve the life of the majority is always on the way of the greedy minority.

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