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UNITED STATES: Portland basic income meetup on December 14


Portland, Oregon.

Basic Income Portland Oregon, the local chapter of Basic Income Action, will hold its next meetup on Monday, December 14.

EVENT: Basic Income Portland Oregon Meetup.

TOPIC: Basic income discussion + strategizing

TIME & DATE: 7pm, Monday, December 14, 2015.

VENUE: Foster Village Coop, 4629 SE 64th Avenue, Portland, OR.

DETAILS: Join the Meetup group and contact the organizers here.


This is the announcement that our friends from Portland have circulated to advertise the event:

Basic Income is going viral. Across the world, people are realizing that honoring human existence by providing for the bare necessities is the simplest solution to a huge array of problems facing our species.

If you’re new to the idea, come with any questions you have about a Universal Basic Income.

If you’re ready to make this idea into a reality, come to meet others who you can share strategies and work together with to make the Future… NOW.


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