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PORTUGAL: Paulo Borges runs for President, while defending basic income

Paulo Borges (Outro Portugal Existe official website)

Paulo Borges (Outro Portugal Existe official website)

There is now another candidate for President, in Portugal. Paulo Borges, professor, philosopher, writer, lover of the arts, culture and spiritual traditions has delivered the news, last July, that he would start his campaign for President, an election happening next January 2016. Formally, the campaign named “Outro Portugal Existe [Another Portugal Exists]” was launched last week, on the 13th of October, in Lisbon. At this event, his manifesto was presented, at the end of which he guided a short meditation for peace and happiness to all beings and the Earth’s harmony.


This candidacy is more than a preparation for an electoral act. It is a wide informal citizens movement, created and developed as a core for the common good, a center for a new paradigm in culture, in ethics, a civilizational model which recognizes all links and interdependencies among all living things. As a philosophical and social movement, this resilient-building alternative had to support basic income as one of the practical approaches towards a more just society. Paulo Borges, a former coordinator at the political party PAN, considers basic income to be an evolutionary step forward towards the kind of free and pacified society he envisions.


In order to get in touch with more details on the moral, social, economical and financial grounds for basic income, he has accepted the invitation given to him by the local group of basic income activists, in Lisbon. This meeting occurred on the 8th of October at ISCTE (University Institute of Lisbon), where Paulo Borges shared his vision and debated the basic income concept, at the end of which he recorded this video. In this short improvised speech he summarizes the movement Outro Portugal Existe, his deep connection with Portuguese philosopher Agostinho da Silva’s teachings and his unconditional support for the unconditional basic income.


More information at:

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Outro Portugal Existe Presidential campaign official website.

TVI24, “Há mais um candidato a Presidente da República [There’s another candidate for President]“, TVI24, July 20 2015

Outro Portugal Existe Facebook page.

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