PAN congressman André Silva (credit to: RTP)

PAN congressman André Silva (credit to: RTP)

Political party PAN – Pessoas, Animais, Natureza – a minority party in Portugal since its inception in 2009, has increased its votes in the most recent general election (which was on the 4th of October) by 30% relative to 2011. This has allowed PAN to finally elect one congressman. This is of relevance, because PAN will be the first political party in Portugal defending the basic income concept with a seat on the Portuguese parliament. André Silva will be this congressman, who gave a short but hearty speech on the election night. PAN’s elected congressman manifests his availability to search for political stability in the country, establishing dialog with all the other political forces.


Basic income can be found as a feature in PAN’s electoral program (in Portuguese).


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Sandy Gageiro, “O partido Pessoas-Animais-Natureza conseguiu eleger um deputado e afirmou-se disponível para dialogar com as demais forças políticas [Political party PAN managed to elect a congressman and stated its availability to  establish dialog with the other parties]“, RTP Website, October 5 2015