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EUROPE, CANADA, CHINA: International Basic Income Week, 14th–20th September, 2015

8th International Basic Income Week

8th International Basic Income Week

“A Safety Net for Life”—this is the motto of this year’s International Basic Income Week which will take place from 14th to 20th September in several European countries. On their website, the promoters write: “In a world in which salaried work is increasingly marked by flexibility, lack of security and precarity an Unconditional Basic Income can resolve the fears that make people receptive of hatred and violence. It can create growth where growth is urgently needed, as well as facilitate degrowth where this makes sense. An UBI enables ecological and economical sustainability that can make sure the continuity of life on our earth for the future”.

Eight years ago, the Basic Income organizations of the German speaking countries started the International Basic Income Week which actually is spreading out to the other members of the European and global Basic Income movements; the corresponding invitations and appeals have been sent out, and there is a Facebook page as well. The major part of the activities up to now are still foreseen in Germany and in Austria, but other organizations increasingly start to seize the opportunity to attract the attention of the public within a broad, international campaign.

The website gives plenty of information about the planned activities, about the principles of Basic Income and offers several important links (mostly in German). It is completed by an international version available under The calendar on this website shows up to now events in Sweden, Canada, a lecture at the Tsinghua University of Beijing (September 12th) as well as a large number of public meetings etc. in the Netherlands and in Belgium, in addition to the aforementioned events in Germany and in Austria.


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