This report examines the impact of an emergency cash grant distributed by churches in Namibia modeled on the Basic Income Grant Pilot in Otjivero. During the 2012/2013 summer months, the precipitation deficits varied between 20% and 90%, which resulted in one of the worst recorded droughts in Namibia that left 36% of the population food insecure. The cash grant’s impact was significant and life saving. During the baseline, 63% of people involved suffered from insufficient food daily or at least once a week. Following the grant, 77% of people did not lack food during the month Individuals used the remaining 40% of the money to meet health related expenditure, to invest in schooling and farming. Prior to the project, about 60% surveyed preferred cash over food aid or fodder for the animals, after five months of receiving the grant, this figure rose to nearly 95%.
Claudia and Dirk Haarmann, “Relief through cash: Impact assessment of the emergency cash grant in Namibia” BIG Coalition Namibia, July 2015.

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