EVENT: French Senate Hosts a Colloque About Basis Income on May 19th

The French Senate will host a one-day conference about basic income on May 19th. The conference is organised by the French Movement for a Basic Income (Affiliate of BIEN) and sponsored by Socialist Senator Gaetan Gorce.

The conference entitled “Basic Income: a social transformation lever for the economy of tomorrow” will include international panelists such as BIEN co-founder Philippe van Parijs, P2P Foundation’s Michel Bauwens, and several french personalities advocating for basic income including Marc de Basquiat, Baptiste Mylondo, Jean-Marie Monnier, and Gaspard Koenig.

The conference’s program covers diverse topics such as automation and the digitial economy, the evolution of work, work inclusion and unconditional income, the financing of basic income, with a final focus on how to implement basic income experiments in France.

Check out the full program here

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