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CANADA: New PEI Premier Supports Basic Income  



Prior to a provincial election on May 4, 2015, all Prince Edward Island provincial party leaders were on record as being supportive of basic income. The Liberal Premier, Wade MacLauchlan, who won the election has voiced support for BIG as a poverty reduction policy saying, “We’d be actively interested in pursuing that (basic income guarantee)…I’d call it a model program and build in a commitment to evidence-based research and action-based research.” The PEI Working Group for Livable Income has been working hard to raise awareness and promote basic income in both public and political spheres, and have achieved support from all parties on BIG.


For more information on the support in PEI for basic income see:

“Marie Burge, “All Prince Edward Island party leaders united in exploring basic income guarantee.” Leaders and Legacies. April 24, 2015


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