A few days after the party Syriza won the elections in Greece, political movements and parties are stirring in other southern European countries, like Portugal. LIVRE, a recently founded party within the Portuguese political arena, has joined efforts with three other political citizen movements, Forum Manifesto, MIC Porto and Renovação Comunista, and organized a large convention that was held on Saturday, 31st of January 2015.

This group of openly Left leaning organizations has innovated in some ways comparing to status quo Portuguese politics, among which by introducing citizen’s (any citizen) right to vote on the organization principles, its strategy, coordination board, and by introducing Basic Income in its majority approved campaign policy measures. After this exercise of democratic citizenship, this draft political program will be detailed further and defended in the upcoming general elections in Portugal (October 2015).

LIVRE and its partners together in this citizen’s movement named Tempo de Avançar (Time to Move On), will therefore bring forth to a wider public exposure and discussion the Basic Income concept, still widely unknown and underrated in Portugal.


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Language: Portuguese

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Language: Portuguese

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Language: Portuguese

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