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Japan: Pro-basic income Green Party has a new political platform

Greens Japan (Japanese Green party) endorsed BIG from its beginning in 2012. On 31st October 2014, A new political organization ‘E-Future Association [e-mirai-no-kai]’ was launched in Kyoto. This organisation is a loose umbrella entity for coming local election in Kyoto 2015 by the Green Japan, the Kyoto Seikatsusha Network, and citizens who do not belong to any political organization.

‘E’, part of their name, means two things: first the sound means ‘good’ in Japanese, and second it connotes their intention to facilitate ‘online-activism.’ They call this umbrella entity ‘platform’ and explains this ‘platform’ strategy was learnt from experiences of early stage of Green Party in Germany.

On 8th November, ‘E-Future Association’ had a launching event, where Yoshiko Kada, former governor of Shiga prefecture gave a talk, and two candidates for local elections were announced.

Uiko Hasegawa, the co-president of Green Party Japan, is also the co-president of this association Her interview on Basic Income by the BI News team will be translated to this site shortly.

The setting up of the platform is covered by Japanese News Paper:

Language: Japanese. “e-mirai-no-kai launched for the local election in Kyoto” [政治団体「e未来の会」立ち上げ 京都で統一選候補推薦へ] Kyoto Shimbun News,  October 31st, 2014.

The launching event is covered by Japanese News Paper:

Language: Japanese. “e-mirai-no-kai’s launching event  in Kyoto”[左京で推薦 e未来の会が結成集会]

Kyoto Shimbun News, November 8th 2014

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