Interest in Basic Income—an unconditional cash income for all citizens without means test or work requirement—is taking off around the world. Activists groups have formed and become more active around the world. Some political parties have endorsed the idea. Writers around the world are increasingly discussing Basic Income as a response to technological unemployment, precarity, and even as part of a solution to the climate problem.

With all this activity around the world, interest in the formation of an American political movement for Basic Income is growing. Toward this effort the USBIG Network will host an open meeting for anyone interested in a political movement for Basic Income in the United States. Everyone is welcome to attend. All points of view are encouraged. It will be an open discussion with no preset agenda and no list of speakers.

Let’s get together; talk it over; and see what happens.

The USBIG Network has been around since December of 1999, but it is not an activists’ group. Its goals have been to increase discussion and research into the topic. To have an activists’ group, either USBIG will have to change or a new, separate organization will have to form. Thus at the close of the 14th Annual North American Basic Income (NABIG) Guarantee Congress, USBIG will organize this public discussion.

Everyone who is interested in discussing this issue is invited to come. Anyone who can’t be there in person is invited to participate online (we’ll announce details about how the meeting will be connected to the web later). We’ll be using an open format that gives everyone opportunities to participate actively, equally.

We request anyone interest in helping with the event to contact us. If you have a place in the city where you can put people up who are coming to town for the meeting, please contact us.

We’ll have pizza and drinks. We’ll take up a collection to pay for them, but they’ll be distributed unconditionally—even to those unwilling or unable to contribute to the costs.

Time & date: 6:00pm, Sunday March 1, 2015
Location: The Commons Brooklyn, 388 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (easy to get to by subway from the rest of New York City)

The Commons Brooklyn

The Commons Brooklyn