[Sabrina Del Pico – July 2013]

Saint Precarious (San Precario) is an iconic image created back in 2004 by a network of Italian activists who dealt with the concept of “precarity” since 2001. This unusual saint was declared patron of all precarious workers and used to recall Catholic saints believed to protect the faithful. This article not only explains the beginnings of San Precario movement and its early connections to international grassroots movements but also the reasons behind the failure of an international movement of precarious workers. For the introduction of a minimum income is one of the core battles for San Precario, the article also deals with this topic highlighting those campaigns which aim to such a measure both at national and European level.

Silvia Giannelli, “Pray Again to Saint Precarious”, Inter Press Service, July 19th, 2013

A portrait of San Precario at the movement's office in Milan. Credit: Silvia Giannelli/IPS

Saint Precarious

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