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Raventos & Wark (2012), 'Taking It to the Streets in Spain'…

This new paper by Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark is published by the influentiel left-wing political newsletter Counterpunch (USA). According to Raventós and Wark, the Spanish citizens have taken to the streets and squares in great numbers to demand their rights. In this context, the idea of a basic income is now widely discussed. “The demand for a universal basic income”, the authors write, “is growing so fast that the Occupy movement is now working hard to explain its principles to the public. For example, the Barcelona Acampada has a programme of twenty workshops to be held in the plaça de Catalunya and three of these are devoted to basic income, understood as a human right. On Sunday afternoon (13th May) 1,000 people attended a workshop precisely on this theme.”

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Full references: RAVENTOS, Daniel & WARK, Julie (2012), ‘Taking It to the Streets in Spain. Indignation, Basic Income and the First Social Law’, Counterpunch, May 14th, 2012.

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