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SOUTH AFRICA: Clem Sunter: New deal or no deal

In the opinion of Clem Sunter, a columnist at the african Online-Newspaper News24, a second tipping point around economic freedom is needed, in contrast to the first one around political freedom in the early 1990s. He sais:

It is now a case of a new deal to launch South Africa onto the growth path of becoming a winning nation; or no deal plunging the nation into civil war. Codesa III will require different players at the table including business, agricultural bodies and trade unions alongside the major political actors. Other community-based organisations, NGOs, business schools and various academic experts will be required for aspects of the debate. Following in the footsteps of the previous Codesas, an open debate must lead to decisions and actions ushering in a new economic order. We have done it before, we can do it again.

The agenda will be different. Here is the one I propose; but obviously Ebrahim Patel and members of the National Planning Commission must be involved in formulating it.

The list of Clem Sunter contains at Point 6 the possibility of introducing Basic Income Grants:

6. Economic Freedom
[…] and the possibility of introducing basic income grants […] in rural communities. […]

The whole article is available at:

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