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BRAZIL: ReCivitas marks two years of its basic income pilot project

USBIG reports that this October, the Brazilian Instituto pela Revitalização da Cidadania (ReCivitas) has distributed another 30 Brazilian Reals (about US$17.93) to 77 residents of the village of Quantinga Velho in the state of Paulo, Brazil. This payment marks the second anniversary of the ReCivitas project to distribute a basic income to a widening group of residents. The project is funded entirely by private donations. The payment is not a true basic income because it goes only to 77 people out of Brazil’s population of nearly 200 million, but it is the kind of implementation of the basic income model that is possible with access only to small private donations.

The organizers of ReCivitas see this project as a small way to take action to implement the basic income and to show how it can work. A basic income of less than US$18 per month might seem insignificantly small by Western standards, but given the level of poverty in Quatinga Velho, this amount is very significant to those who receive it.

If you would like to donate to Recivitas, please contact ReCivitas Instituto pela Revitalizacao da Cidadania <>

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