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ROMANIA: First Romanian Basic Income Website

Anca Stanescu has launched the first Romanian website devoted to the promotion of basic income: Venit de Bază Necondiționat.

Stanescu has translated some of the work of Scott Santens into Romanian (e.g., “Dacă nu mai forțăm oamenii să muncească pentru a-și asigura nevoile de bază, nu vor înceta de tot să mai muncească?“), which is available on the new website.

Stanescu was inspired to create the website due to the lack of awareness and publicity of basic income in Romania. On the impact of Venit de Bază Necondiționat, she says, “It was really amazing to find that the information reached out to so many Romanians who did not even know about the idea of a basic income before.”

Photo CC Camil Ghircoias (flickr)

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