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MONGOLIA: Government takes steps toward implementing an Alaskan-style BIG

The coalition government of Mongolia is taking steps to make good on promises made in the 2008 election to introduce an Alaska-style resource dividend. Mongolia is a large, sparsely populated land-locked country sandwiched between Russian and China. About half of its citizens still live as nomadic herders. Most of the land in the country is unowned: herders can camp anywhere

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MONGOLIA: Thousands of protestors demand Alaska-style dividend

The Associated Press has been reporting that more than 5,000 and perhaps as many as 10,000 Mongolians have been protesting for a resource dividend. Mongolia is a poor nation, currently in the process of developing what appear to be major mineral reserves. Back in 2008, during elections, both of Mongolia’s major parties promised to set up an Alaska-style resource dividend.

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