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Michael Faye, “Basic income could transform society. But first, it needs to be tested”

Basic income is an issue which raises strong feelings on both sides of the debate; but can we really rely on untested assumptions? This is the question addressed by Michael Faye in an article published on LinkedIn.

Faye is the CEO and co-founder of Segovia, a technology company which works to make charitable payments safer and more effective. He is also chief executive and co-founder of the charity GiveDirectly, which is presenting conducting research into the effects of basic income in developing nations.

In this article, Faye argues that we must wait for genuine scientific evidence before making any sweeping statements about the pros or cons of basic income, and gives a brief overview of a 12-year study on basic income which is shortly to be launched by GiveDirectly.

Michael Faye, et al, “Basic income could transform society. But first, it needs to be tested,” LinkedIn, 27 May 2017.

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