The 2016 Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) National Conference, convening in Sydney on November 17-18, will include a discussion of universal basic income.

The opening session of the second day of the conference is titled “Should Australia Implement a Basic Income?” The following description is provided in the official conference program:

With Finland and Netherlands to introduce a universal basic income, attention has been turned to whether Australia should consider adopting such an approach. The changing nature of employment due to technological change has led some commentators to suggest a universal basic income would provide a buffer for those employed in industries with uncertain futures. Others argue that a universal basic income would dismantle overblown welfare bureaucracies and give people the freedom to purchase their own services. What is the role of a basic income? Is it to provide a safety net or is it to provide assistance to all? And is such an approach even feasible in Australia with its highly targeted social security system?

Founded in 1956, ACOSS is an advocacy group dedicated to combating poverty and inequality in Australia. Its annual conference focuses on practical strategies to realize this aim.

In recent years, the ACOSS National Conference has drawn over 500 attendees from non-profit organizations, government offices, businesses, unions, universities, and other backgrounds.

Instead of centering on lectures, the conference aims to encourage conversation between panelists and attendees. Panels will also be streamed live, and remote viewers will also be encouraged to join the discussion.

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Photo CC BY-NC 2.0 Alex Proimos