The 16th “BIEN-nial” Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network was held at Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea from July 7-9, 2016. (For details, see the congress website and the then-live Reddit reports.)

Videos of many sessions of the congress are now available on YouTube, including the following:

Plenary Session I: Visible Basic Income (Chair: No-Wan Kwack, University of Seoul).

  • Philippe Van Parijs (Université de Louvain): “Why Is Basic Income More Relevant Today Than Ever Before?”
  • Jan Otto Andersson (Åbo Akademi University): “Does Basic Income Fit the Nordic Welfare States?”


Plenary Session II: Basic Income, Socialism and Emancipation (Chair: Seung Kyung Yoo, Institute for Political and Economic Alternatives).

  • Zhiyuan Cui (Tsinghua University): “Basic Income as a Component of Liberal Socialism”
  • Sarath Davala (India Network for Basic Income): “The Emancipatory Power of Basic Income: An Optimistic Note from Indian Experience”


Plenary Session III: Basic Income and Human Emancipation (Chair: Dongtaek Kim, Sogang University).

  • Nam Hoon Kang (Hanshin University): “Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Universal Basic Income”
  • David Casassas (Universitat de Barcelona): “Basic Income and Social Emancipation: A New Road to Socialism”


Plenary Session IV: Basic Income and Social Protection (Chair: Pablo Yanes Rizo, Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe).

  • Almaz Zelleke (NYU Shanghai): “Everyone a Capitalist: Basic Income and Redistribution”
  • John Roberto Scott Andretta (Consejo Nacional de Evaluación de la Política de Desarrollo Social): “Basic Income and Social Protection in Mexico”


Plenary Session V: Basic Income and Grassroots Feminist Movement (Chair: Barb Jacobson, UBI Europe).

  • Toru Yamamori (University of Doshisha): “What Can We Learn from a Grassroots Feminist UBI Movement?: Revisiting Keynes’s Prophecy”


Plenary Session VI: Basic Income and Politics of Democracy (Chair: Hyosang Ahn, Basic Income Korean Network).

  • Katja Kipping (German MP): “Das Grundeinkommen – Eine Demokratiepauschale” (“Basic Income: A Generalization of Democracy”)


Affiliates Roundtable. At the time of the congress, BIEN had 29 international affiliates; presenters from 18 affiliates participated in the roundtable.


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