Lithuania has received little attention in the global movement for universal basic income. In June of this year, however, Algimantas Laurinavičius and Antanas Laurinavičius, members of Faculty of Economics at Lithuania’s Vilnius University, published a brief investigation into the possibility of a UBI in Lithuania.

In general, the authors present a favorable view of basic income. In their conclusion, for example, they note, “Empirical research has proved that all the experimental basic income programmes decreased the level of poverty – the more generous the programme was, the stronger its effect was on the reduction of poverty” (p. 61).

This suggests that basic income could be a boon to Lithuania, which is “categorized as a country with high income inequality and high level of poverty risk.” Here, though, Laurinavičius and Laurinavičius are pessimistic — concluding that, at present, the Lithuania “state budget or social insurance fund budget are too small to pay-out sufficient benefits of basic income” (p. 62).

To read their full analysis (whether or not on the way to offer a second opinion on the Lithuanian situation), find the article below:

Algimantas Laurinavičius and Antanas Laurinavičius, “The Concept of Basic Income: Global Experience and Implementation Possibilities in Lithuania,” Business, Management, and Education, Vol. 14, No. 1; June 10, 2016.

Photo Lake Galve, Trakai, Lithuania CC Sek Keung Lo (flickr)

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