Bin Italia, the italian basic income network has released a new editorial production. It’s available online for free: QR3 – Income for Notebooks.

“It takes a guaranteed basic income!”

This publication nº3 (April 2016) features 24 authors and 150 pages. It offers different perspectives thanks to the variety of articles by several italian authors.  As reported from the back cover:

“The discourse on guaranteed basic income in Italy requires a rediscovery of its founding reasons. This seems necessary to push this persuasive and compassionate idea circulating more and more as mainstream, and which is finding evidence in public advocacy, reform projectsa and even in legislation. This idea can be a template for progressive development of a new society model, based on respect for dignity, self-determination and freedom”.

For more information and summary, click here. Download the publication here.

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Sandro Gobetti has written 30 articles.

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