FRANCE: Conference on basic income pilots at the Finnish Embassy (March 3rd)

Finnish basic income experiments: a model for France?

Thursday 3rd March, 19h

At the Finnish Embassy in Paris

With Olli Kangas, Martine Alcorta, Arnaud de l’Épine, Jean-Éric Hyafil

One year ago, the new Finnish government committed itself to run local basic income pilots, in order to assess its impacts in case it would implement UBI at national level.

The move attracted an unprecedented level of attention. What are the exact proposals being considered? How to guarantee the scientific quality of such experiments? And what are exactly the ambitions of the Finnish Center-Right government? Is the approach relevant for France where pilots are also being discussed?

The French Movement for Basic Income (MFRB) is pleased to invite you to join the conversation with our key speakers:

  • Olli Kangas, head of Research at KELA (the Finnish Institute for Social Protection)
  • Martine Alcorta, Regional Council Member in Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charente. She is pushing for a basic income pilot in the region, where a motion was adopted last year.
  • Arnaud de l’Épine, economist, member of the think tank Ars Industrialis.
  • Jean-Eric Hyafil, Phd researcher, founding member of MFRB

More info here.


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