On March 26 this year, representatives of the Basic Income Network Italy (BIN Italy) were heard by the Labour Commission of the Italian Senate, one of the houses of parliament, about the possibility of introducing a national guaranteed minimum income (GMI). The Commission has been discussing this issue for some time, as various draft bills in favor of a GMI have been promoted by different parties – the label “citizenship’s income” is used in some of these proposals. BIN Italy, BIEN’s Italian chapter, was asked to provide legal, technical, political and social reasons in support of a GMI.

BIN Italy argued for a GMI that is individual, given to all residents, linked to other forms of indirect income, and accessible to all those who are entitled to it. According to BIN Italy, the GMI should provide for an acceptable minimum threshold, as requested by EU regulations. It should encourage individual autonomy and freedom of choice in one’s own personal and professional path.

Read BIN Italy’s report delivered to the Italian Senate’s Labour Commission here.

Source: BIN Italy, “Roma 26 marzo il BIN Italia in audizione al Senato per reddito garantito [Rome, March 26, BIN Italy in Senate hearing for guaranteed income]”, BIN Informa, No date.