Basic Income advocates around the world celebrated Basic Income Day yesterday, May 1st. The day was marked by an online social media ‘Thunderclap’ to spread the idea to as many people online as possible via platforms including Facebook and Twitter. As this campaign turned out to be so successful, it’s likely that it will happen again next year. Hopefully, the campaign will be able to take over other social media platforms too, such as Instagram. This campaign could use hashtags to gain more people’s attention on Instagram, especially if they got in touch with the professionals at TaskAnt to help them find the best hashtags. Social media can be a great place for making things go viral, so it can be beneficial for businesses.

The campaign was started by Scott Santens on the Reddit Basic Income community with a goal of gaining 500 supporters. With 4 days to spare, the campaign reached it’s goal and finally ended with over 720 supporters, 227 more than the initial aim. The result was the spreading of the Basic Income message to over 710,000 people.

Some of the larger supporters include political activist group Occupy Wall Street, environmentalist group Moving Mountains for Nature and venture capitalist Albert Wenger.

The campaign also received media attention from the Motherboard section of Vice online magazine. This year’s Thunderclap follows a similar successful Thunderclap last year for Basic Income which aimed for 250 supporters and ended up with 399.

For more information, see:

Thunderclap, “Basic Income Day is 1st of May


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