Director, Nirit Peled of Dutch TV, has completed a 48-minute episode on basic income entitled, ‘Experimenteren met Gratis geld’ (which translates as ‘Experimenting with free money’). The episode will be broadcasted on Dutch TV this Sunday 12 April at 21.00 (9pm) local time. After the broadcast the episode will be online and streaming on the Dutch TV website.
Following the broadcast a meet up will take place on next Wednesday 15 April at 20.00 (8pm) in Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam. The filmmaking team is now working on an international version of the documentary.


For more information see the following links (in Dutch):

Page + promo:

Promo on YouTube (in Dutch):

Meet Up in pakhuis de zwijger:

Tegenlicht / Backlight international website

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Nirit Peled, Director, “Experimenteren met Gratis geld [Experimenting with free money]” Dutch TV, Sunday 12 April, 2015