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SPAIN: Podemos leave Basic Income out of landmark economic document

Podemos, the Spanish party which stormed into first place in recent opinion polls and who previously declared support for a Universal Basic Income, have left the propsal out of a recent document outlining their economic plans.

The leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias presents his economic proposal -Demotix

The leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias presents his economic proposal -Demotix

The party, which only launched earlier this year, gained prominence with a number of radical proposals including reducing the retirement age to 60 and nationalising all utility companies. Their economic document, released Thursday, was seen as a test for the party, whether or not it could formulate a coherent set of policies. Despite the radical tone of initial party statements, some of the more radical policies were left off the document, including Basic Income.

This is a blow to the Basic Income movement, with Podemos previously looking set to become the first party supporting Basic Income to win an election in Europe, an election which is due in Spain before the end of 2015. However, it doesn’t mean the party has stopped supporting the proposal, merely that is has not been placed on this document, which is not a full manifesto. They mentioned at the press conference to launch the document that they wanted it based on ‘realistic proposals’.

Basic Income has been gaining ground politically in the last year, despite this setback there are still a number of parties supporting Basic Income or pilot programmes which have considerable support in other parts of the world, including Canada, Finalnd and New Zealand.

The leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias presents his economic proposal

The leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias presents his economic proposal -Demotix

For more information, see:

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