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Baukje Hilarides, “Is het onvoorwaardelijk basisinkomen haalbaar in Nederland? [Is introduction of the UBI in the Netherlands feasible?]”

[Robin Ketelaars – Vereniging Basisinkomen]

In a thesis of the study in Dutch Law at the Open University of the Netherlands 2012, (now Mr.) Baukje Hilarides investigated the possibilities and bottlenecks in the implementation of the Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) (OBi in Dutch) in Netherlands. Is the Unconditional Basic Income achievable in the Netherlands? Her answer is: “Yes, because the UBI is line with the Constitution and does not appear to be inconsistent with Article 1 ECtHR FP[1]. The UBI is also affordable and can positively influence society and the economy”. It will find the author’s current commitment to full employment obsolete, because the automation unemployment will increase rather than decrease. The conclusion at the end of the thesis is that the introduction of the UBI in the Netherlands is feasible. However, extensive research is needed before one can implement the UBI

Baukje Hilarides, “Is het onvoorwaardelijk basisinkomen haalbaar in Nederland?” Open University, Leeuwarden 2012:


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