The first two sessions are now available as replay, both slides and audio.  Here are the links: (You may need to Control Click on the URL or copy and paste into your browser.)

August 5 – Session One –

I. Economics and Conscious Evolution – series overview; Module 1 of Land Rights online course;  land rights and the person/planet relationship;  PROUT’s social psychology and evolution of the social cycle.

Guest Speakers: Michael Towsey (Australia), Acharya Santosananda (India)

September 2 – Session Two –

II. The Wealth Divide – poverty and economic inequality within the US and Africa; The Enclosures; the “resource curse” and the corruption of economics; the “law of rent”; addressing the land problem; cooperatives.

Guest Speakers: Gordon Abiama (Nigeria), Acharya Maheshverananda (Venezuela)

Date, theme and speakers for upcoming Session Three:

October 7

III. Sharing the Commons – separative consciousness and genocide; unity consciousness and commoning; property rights paradigm shift; land value capture and commons trusts; jubilee justice public finance policies; sharing and caring for each other and the world’s resources.

Guest Speakers: Kevin Annett (Canada), Lisinka Ulatowska (Netherlands)

Date and Time: Sunday, October 7th at 4:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Pacific, 9:00pm UK

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To prepare for Session Three you may scroll through Module Three of the Land Rights Course here: Your  free Land Rights course access is included with the teleseminar. This is the password: earthrights.  Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing the course.

Also, please do your best to find time to view HIDDEN NO LONGER, a film about our guest speaker Kevin Annett and the Canadian genocide of Native American children who attended church and state sponsored schools.   Http://

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