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BARCELONA (ES), 15 May 2012: 15-M movement ("indignados") anniversary

Given the gravity of the present social situation, an increasing number of activists from different social movements, unionists and citizens are coming to the conclusion that Basic Income is a proposal to be taken seriously. An outstanding example of this is the 15-M movement in Spain (in reference to the first massive demonstration of May 15th, 2011; also known as “indignados” movement).

Within the framework of the activities celebrating its first anniversary, a five-point programme was formulated: 1) not a single euro more to be spent on rescuing banks; 2) decent public education and health services; 3) rejection of job insecurity and austerity measures; 4) decent, guaranteed housing; and 5) universal basic income.

Many people have helped to organise talks on Basic Income given by some members of the Red Renta Básica (Edgar Manjarín, David Casassas and Daniel Raventós) as part of the 15-M anniversary activities in Barcelona. Basic income was presented as a measure not only to combat poverty, but also to foster bargaining power and therefore effective freedom of all working populations. These took place in the Plaça de Catalunya with very large audiences, exceeding one thousand people in some cases.

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