Vienna. At the world action day, an international initiative group announced plans to prepare and launch a European Citizens’ Initiative on the implementation of an unconditional basic income in Europe.

Hosted by the Internationaler Runder Tisch Grundeinkommen (international Germanophone round table on basic income), the symposium was held in Vienna on 14/15th October 2011. In the end, 60 scientists, activists and representatives from NGOs adopted a declaration concerning this matter.

At the same time people from all over the world rose up to claim real democracy and fair distribution, and to demonstrate against the power of the financial markets. The attendants of the symposium welcome these protests. If questions of distribution remain unanswered and claims for real democracy are not met, the existing global social inequalities and the hegemony of the financial markets over welfare policies are bound to trigger further crises.

The emancipatory unconditional basic income is perceived as a core instrument that brings about the necessary changes.

  • The unconditional basic income ensures a fairer distribution, completely eradicates income poverty, allows for more freedom and self-determination and strengthens participation in society for all.
  • Being a universal economic right it eliminates social divisions. Debates on envy and welfare fraud as well as bureaucratic systems based on surveillance and control which are extensive, repressive and exclusive will become a thing of the past.
  • The unconditional basic income creates social peace, enhances the right to a life in dignity and promotes the respect of political rights of participation.

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Klaus Sambor:
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Ronald Blaschke
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Internationaler Deutschsprachiger Runder Tisch Grundeinkommen (international germanophone round table on basic income)

Netzwerk Grundeinkommen Deutschland
Int. Erich-Fromm Gesellschaft
Attac AG „Genug für alle” (D)
Netzwerk Grundeinkommen und sozialer Zusammenhalt – B.I.E.N. Austria
BIN Italia
Attac Inhaltsgruppe Grundeinkommen (AT)

Further organisations:

Vereniging Basisinkomen Nederland
Initiativ bedengungslost Grondakommes Letzebuerg
Basic Income Network Finnland

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