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FINLAND: New Basic Income Course at University of Tampere

Another course on basic income, “Universal Basic Income: New Avenues in Social Welfare Policy”, is coming this autumn to the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere in Finland.

According to the course description:

The course outlines the main characteristics of basic income and explores how it differs from traditional income support policies. In addition, the course provides a critical overview of the reasons for and against a basic income as well as reviewing a number of practical and political challenges that need to be overcome. Finally, the course offers a series of lectures that focus on basic income in the Finnish context, including an updated account of the ongoing preparation for the basic income experiment scheduled to start in January 2017.

Antti Halmetoja, a doctoral student at the university, is coordinating the course, which will feature a series of lectures by faculty and guest lecturers (see the linked webpage for a list). Halmetoja is also a member of the team planning Finland’s basic income experiment.

The University of Tampere’s most recent course on basic income took place last spring. Presentations and videos of many of the lecturers are available on the course website.

The first basic income course at the institution was held in the spring of 2015.

More information about the upcoming course is available here.

University of Tampere photo CC BY-NC 2.0 Mika Hirsimäki 

Reviewed by Genevieve Shanahan 

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  • Russell morris

    Very important to recognize that the change our money system is going through is leaving us with money that carries demurrage and this is where the money comes from to pay for the Basic Income ( the agent of transformation for us all ).
    Money which carries demurrage is compelled to circulate or move rather than sitting in a vault somewhere causing stagnation. Now, the money “needs” somewhere to go.
    Many opportunities will be seen by those who can see.

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