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INTERNATIONAL: Letter from the Organizers of Basic Income Week

Dear Basic Income supporters around the globe,

Whether you are staging your first event as a new supporter of Basic Income, your country is hosting 40 different events this week as a result of a long Basic Income tradition, whether you are talking about it with your community or carrying on your national Basic Income campaigns regardless – 8th International Week is happening – thanks to you!


International Basic Income Week

International Basic Income Week

Because of your efforts and cooperation we have a stunning 29 participating countries this year – across ALL continents, 20 of which are staging life events. Thank you so much for all your planning, organising and creativitiy from us at the mobilisation team: Christof, Manja, Robin (webmaster) and Barb (press officer).

Scott Santens said “UBI isn’t left or right, it is forward“ and right now it feels like we are a global movement that is taking current and future realities into account, while moving forward for human dignity and emancipation. It is a truly inspiring experience to be part of this.

Please keep your photos, sound or video files, press statements or other information about basic income in your country rolling in at this link: www.basicincomeweek.org/contact-form and https://www.facebook.com/events/421208298066517/

Interview series: http://basicincomeweek.org/category/interviews/

Official press release: http://basicincome-europe.org/ubie/2015/09/over-25-countries-call-for-a-safety-net-for-life-during-international-basic-income-week-14-20-september/
(since then 2 more countries have joined International Week, so we are up to 29 now)
Be welcome to use it, amend it, translate it for your purposes nationally and locally – if you couldn’t participate this year, this might be a way to still inform your fellows of what is happening around the world.

A little video to keep International Week rolling… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V8BZxjktaY
This was inspired by Sidy’s Synchro-Performance with musicians, dancers, artists which is going ahead in Vienna today. http://www.labournetaustria.at/16-9-2015-sidyweltweites-bedingungsloses-gleiches-grundeinkommen-synchroperformance/
Music, dance and art are a universal language that unites, where words can divide – Sidy and me would like to try a global Synchro-Performance next year for 9th International Week. You are invited! Share your ideas with us: sidy@chello.at manja@firemail.de

Have a truly inspiring week,


Manja Taylor

Christof, Robin, Barb and Manja – International Basic Income Week mobilisation team from UBIE

14th – 20th Sep: 29 countries from ALL continents participating!


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