General Assembly

A General Assembly of BIEN members is held once a year, and constitutes the Annual General Meeting of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in the United Kingdom.


Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Charity Commission agreed that charity governing bodies could decide not to hold Annual General Meetings during 2020. As the 2020 BIEN congress had been cancelled, the Executive Committee decided not to hold a General Assembly during 2020, but instead to fulfil as many of the normal functions as possible by postal ballot, with results to be announced on the date on which the General Assembly would have been held.


The 2019 General Assembly was held at the end of the 2019 BIEN congress in Hyderabad, India.


The 2018 General Assembly was held at the end of the 2018 BIEN congress in Tampere, Finland

For papers relating to meetings of the General Assembly before 2017 please write to the Secretary on