Executive Committee elections 2020

Because the 2020 BIEN congress has been cancelled because the of the coronavirus crisis, the General Assembly has also been cancelled: an eventuality permitted by the UK’s Charity Commission for this year only.

The Executive Committee has passed a resolution to organise as postal ballots as many as possible of the votes that would have taken place at the General Assembly. Therefore elections for vacant Executive Committee posts will take place only by post.

Rules for the election

In order to stand as a candidate, the individual will need to have been a BIEN member for at least a year, will need to say to which post they wish to be elected, and will need to send a picture (suitable for placing on a website) and a personal statement, of a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 500 words, saying why they wish to be elected to that post, mentioning their qualifications and experience relevant to the post, and ideas they have about filling it. Personal statements and photographs should be sent by email to the Secretary of BIEN at bien@basicincome.org, and to the General Manager, at generalmanager@basicincome.org.

The window of time to stand for election opens on the 23rd June and closes on the 23rd August. Candidates are encouraged to notify the Secretary and General Manager by the 23rd July of their intention to stand. Statements and photographs of candidates will be placed on this website from the 30th July onwards.

Enquiries about positions can be made informally to the Chair, Louise Haagh, on louise.haagh@york.ac.uk.

The timetable for the election will be as follows

Sunday 23rd August: final day for receipt of statements of intention to stand, personal statements, and photographs.

Sunday 30th August at the latest: Ballot papers will be sent by email to every BIEN member.

Wednesday 23rd September: Final date for receipt of completed ballot papers.

Wednesday 30th September at the latest: Announcement of election results.

The following posts will be elected

Executive Committee postCandidates
Chair Sarath Davala
Vice chair Hilde Latour
News editor Barb Jacobson
Features editor Tyler Prochazka
Academic editor/research Toru Yamamori
Bank account trustee * Anne Miller
Bank account trustee * Jake Eliot
Chair of the International Advisory Board Philippe Van Parijs
* Bank account trustees must be permanent legal residents of the UK. Bank account trustees do not attend Executive Committee meetings. It would be helpful if the current two bank account trustees could be re-elected

Candidate statements and photographs