BIEN Executive Committee Election 2023

The following five posts will be elected:

PositionCandidates standing
ChairSarath Davala
Vice ChairHilde Latour
Features EditorTyler Prochazka
Research Coordinator Jurgen De Wispelaere
Affiliates CoordinatorOlaf Michael Ostertag
Volunteer CoordinatorAnja Askeland

Rules for the election

In order to stand as a candidate, the individual will need to have been a BIEN member for at least a year, will need to say to which post they wish to be elected, and will need to send a picture (suitable for placing on a website) and a personal statement, of a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 500 words, saying why they wish to be elected to that post, mentioning their qualifications and experience relevant to the post and ideas they have about filling it.

Voting will take place at the online General Assembly using the Zoom poll facility. If more than two candidates are standing for any post then a runoff poll will be held between the two candidates with the highest numbers of votes.

The 2023 General Assembly will be held on Saturday, 26 August 2023 at 13:00 British Summer Time (UTC+1).

The window of time to stand for election is now open and closes on the 15th of July. Candidates are encouraged to notify the BIEN EC by the 15th of June of their intention to stand by informing the Secretary of the post for which they wish to stand, and to send personal statements and photographs as soon as possible after that. BIEN’s Secretary, Diana Bashur can be reached at:

Enquiries about positions can be made informally to the Chair, Sarath Davala, and BIEN’s Secretary.

BIEN is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom. Anyone elected to the EC will need to be able and willing to sign the trustee declaration.

The timeline will be as follows

15 July: final day for receipt of statements of intention to stand, personal statements, and photos. Earlier submission is encouraged. Please write to BIEN’s Secretary, Diana Bashur at:

30 July : The final list of candidates will appear on this webpage.

26 August: Election by secret ballot at the GA, using the Zoom poll facility. If there is only one candidate for any post, then a confirmatory ballot will be held and the person standing for election will be elected if they obtain more than 50% of the votes cast. If more than two candidates stand for any post then a run-off ballot will be held between the two candidates who receive the highest numbers of votes in the first ballot.

Please note that under paragraph 9 (1) (b) of the constitution the Executive Committee has decided not to receive new applications for membership of BIEN at the GA or within a week of the GA.

Candidates and their personal statements

  • Chair, Sarath Davala: statement
  • Vice Chair, Hilde Latour: statement
  • Features Editor, Tyler Prochazka: statement
  • Research Coordinator, Jurgen De Wispelaere: statement
  • Volunteer Coordinator, Anja Askeland: statement
  • Affiliates Coordinator, Olaf Michael Ostertag: statement