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Dublin (IE), 3 July 2012: Social Justice Ireland's annual Public Policy Conference

Social Justice Ireland’s annual Public Policy Conference will be held in Croke Park Conference Centre on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 from 9.30am to 4.45pm and will address the issue of the future of the European Social Model. One of the main papers at this conference will be presented by one of the world’s best known advocates of Basic Income, Philippe

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Van Parijs (2012), No viable eurozone without a Euro-Dividend…

In this opinion piece published by the French daily Le Monde (March 6, 2012), Philippe Van Parijs (Louvain University, Hoover Chair) compares the eurozone with the United States. Inspired by the works of Martin Feldstein and others, he argues that the eurozone will only be viable at the price of increased interpersonal solidarity. This solidarity, Van Parijs argues, should take

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BIRNBAUM, Simon (2012), Basic income reconsidered…

The idea of guaranteeing every member of society an unconditional basic income is one the most innovative and powerful proposals for countering our growing economic inequalities and to sustainably prevent poverty. But would this be a just thing to do? In the last few decades, debates on the ethics and economics of basic income have become increasingly sophisticated and diverse.

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BIRNBAUM, Simon (2011), 'Should surfers be ostracized?…'

BIRNBAUM, Simon (2011), ‘Should surfers be ostracized? Basic income, liberal neutrality, and the work ethos’… Neutralists have argued that there is something illiberal about linking access to gift-like resources to work requirements. The central liberal motivation for basic income is to provide greater freedom to choose between different ways of life, including options attaching great importance to non-market activities and

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