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SWEDEN: Developer Conference in Malmö gets session by Scott Santens on basic income

Scott Santens. Credit to: Enno Schmidt Scott Santens will present a keynote session in the Developer Conference in Malmö, Sweden, on the 9th of November. His key points will be: Technological unemployment is real; Technological unemployment is not something we should fear; In order to not fear technological unemployment; The best way to decouple income from work is with unconditional

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MALMÖ, SWEDEN: Guy Standing to Speak at The Conference, Aug 17-18

BIEN Co-founder Guy Standing, Research Professor at SOAS, University of London, will be speaking at two events at a conference aptly named “The Conference”. Organized by Media Evolution, a cluster of media companies in southern Sweden, The Conference will bring together 40 speakers to educate its 1,000 participants about a variety of topics relevant to the new digital world. This

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SWEDEN: Basic income taken seriously but media remains skeptical

A Swedish Green Party motion to investigate basic income policy options has injected new life into the UBI debate in Sweden. Several established commentators are finally engaging with the issue after a long period of ignoring or instantly dismissing the idea. The Greens called for an inquiry into the effects of introducing a basic income at their party conference over

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Åsa Lundqvist, Family Policy Paradoxes: Gender equality and labour market regulation in Sweden

Åsa Lundqvist, Family Policy Paradoxes: Gender equality and labour market regulation in Sweden, 1930-2010, Policy Press, 2011, viii + 155 pp, hbk, 1 847 42455 6, £65 The Nordic countries provide generous gender-neutral parental leave and benefits and also publicly-funded childcare, and the result is an unusual combination of high fertility and high female labour market participation. This book is

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Malmo (Sweden), 31 October 2012: A basic income will do away with unemployment

This event is presented as a two-hour meeting with brief lectures, movie clips, and open discussion about basic income as an alternative to today’s “activation industry”, and its “discrimination of the sick and the unemployed”. The event was organized by the Malmö branches of SALO (Sveriges anställningslösas landsorganisation), and the basic income group (Basinkomstgruppen) of Malmo. For more information (in

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