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Julie Wark and Daniel Raventós: “Why don’t Trade Unions support an UBI (precisely when they should)?”

(Picture credit: Counterpunch) In this article Julie Wark and Daniel Raventós write about why the trade unions do not support an unconditional basic income when “properly understood and administered, basic income could have enormously positive consequences”. Prior to their discussion of the reasons why trade unions do not support an unconditional basic income, they first try to assess both the

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SPAIN: Podemos determined to push for basic income in the Spanish Andalucia region

Photo – Center left: Francisco Vega. Center right: Carmén Lizárraga. Credit to: Europa Press.   Carmén Lizárraga, economy and property representative of the political party Podemos in Andalucia (southern Spain), declared in November that Podemos will present an initiative to the regional parliament demanding a basic income. Lizárraga made the declaration at a short press conference which she shared with

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Catalonia (Spain): Catalonian Economy and Tax Office presents profound study on social policies, featuring basic income

(Image: Barcelona, “Queen” of the Mediterranean)   In the Spanish region of Catalonia, serious efforts are being made to reduce poverty and to reduce inequalities. Last week, on the 17th of November, the Catalan Economy and Tax Office presented a thorough study on social policies, which includes the contributions of 30 academics and other experts and technicians.   The document

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SPAIN: XVI Basic Income Symposium at the Faculty of Economics and Business

The XVI Basic Income Symposium at the Faculty of Economics and Business will take place on November 18-19. This event will be held at the Sarriko-Aula Magna, at this Faculty in Bilbao.   Presentations and debates will start at 9 am on Friday (the 18th) and close at 2 pm on Saturday (the19th). The event will start with a debate

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VIDEO: Renta Básica Incondicional: una propuesta racional y justa [Basic Income: a rational and just proposition]

This TEDx talk, at Sant Cugat, Barcelona, features Daniel Raventós, president of the Spanish Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) affiliate and professor at the Economics and Enterprise department of the Barcelona University.   In this short presentation, Raventós defines basic income in a general sense, and addresses the usual arguments against the implementation of this idea. He recalls the predictions

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