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World Health Organization’s High-level Conference on Health Equity

The World Health Organization (WHO) is organizing a High-level Conference on Health Equity, happening on the 11–13th June 2019, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hosted by the Government of Slovenia, it will provide evidence and information on the solutions that can be implemented to reduce health inequalities and accelerate progress towards better health, well-being and prosperity for all in the European Region.

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Valerija Korošec: “Unconditional Basic Individual Universal Child Grant for Belgium following the Slovenian approach”

Valerija Korošec. Picture credit to: DNEVNIK. Valerija Korošec, a known sociologist and social policy analyst in Slovenia, as well as ex-presidential candidate for that country, has presented a paper entitled “Unconditional Basic Individual Universal Child Grant for Belgium following the Slovenian approach”, at the International Conference on Universal Child Grants, which took place in Geneva from 6th through 8th of

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EUROPE: UBI-Europe launches a series of conferences on basic income

Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is organising a series of five conferences on the theme “UBI in Europe – Promoting civil society” in order to promote Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) in Europe over the next year. The conferences are: UBI as a response to social inequality in Europe – Maribor, Slovenia, 19th-20th March 2015. Minimum Income vs. Basic Income –

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EUROPEAN UNION: Slovenia becomes second country to reach the target signatures for the Basic Income European Citizens Initiative

[Craig Axford] On October 24th, Slovenia joined Croatia to become the second EU nation reaching the required number of signatures on the Basic Income Initiative in Europe.  If the initiative receives one million signatures and receives the required level of support in at least seven EU member nations, the EU will evaluate a basic income guarantee in Europe. For more

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Video series from the “European Liberal Forum: Universal Basic Income” in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The “European Liberal Forum: Universal Basic Income: For a new social contract in Europe,” which took place at 11/12 October 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was announced at BINews and now there is a video series available at YouTube, including  talks by Guy Standing, Philippe Van Parijs, and many others. Many of the talks are in English: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa8WCjH6jK7gCbtkSGLh-thfq3ZSrUf3p More information about

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Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 11-12, 2012, “European Liberal Forum: Universal Basic Income: For a new social contract in Europe”

The international conference “Universal basic income: for new social contract in Europe” will bring together leading theoreticians on UBI and social welfare state, as well as their main opponents, to offer an open window for an international discussion and sharing of global experience on this topic in Slovenia. Feature speakers include, Philippe Van Parijs, author of Real Freedom for All, 

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