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Hannah Fearn, “Could an oil-rich independent Scotland afford to pay a citizen’s income?”

[Josh Martin] Fearn’s article looks into what an independent Scotland could do in regards to implementing a citizen’s income.  Fearn mentions the promises of the Green Yes party who claim Scotland could pay its citizens a basic income of £15,000 per year and also discusses the possibility of implementing an Alaska Permanent Fund style dividend based on its oil reserves.

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Simon Duffy and John Dalrymple, “Basic Income Security.”

ABSTRACT: The paper sets out a proposal for the reform of the income security system in an independent Scotland. It proposes the development of a system where all Scottish citizens would receive a minimum income – Basic Income Security. This is a working paper, we welcome comments, we will produce a final version in partnership with the Scottish Campaign for

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SCOTLAND: Government Report Devotes Several Pages to Basic income.

“The Expert Working Group on Welfare” has been commissioned by the ruling Scottish Government to look at the medium and long-term options for welfare in an independent Scotland. The groups second report, “Re-thinking Welfare: Fair, Personal and Simple,” devotes several pages to a Basic or Citizens Income (CI). The Working Group does not endorse it as an immediate goal, but

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Ailsa McKay, “Being Radical – Arguing For a Citizens Basic Income in the New Scotland”

PUBLISHER’S SUMMARY: In the second of our series on welfare and the independence referendum, Professor Ailsa McKay of Glasgow Caledonian University argues that the constitutional debate provides a valuable opportunity to redesign our welfare system and redefine the values of the ‘good society’, and proposes a Scottish Citizens Basic Income to promote opportunities for all. Ailsa McKay, “Being Radical –

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