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ITALY: Philippe van Parijs delivers annual Il Mulino lecture

Phillipe van Parijs (at the Lisbon BIEN 2017 Conference). Credit to: Enno Schmidt.   Phillipe van Parijs has delivered the 2017 annual Il Mulino lecture, which happened on Saturday, the 28th of October, at the Bologna University’s Aula Magna. This major event, attended by around 900 people, had the presence of former Prime Minister and European Commission president Romano Prodi,

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“A Brief History of the Idea That Everyone Should Get Free Cash for Life” (Mother Jones)

(Credit to: The American Prospect) Delphine d’Amora from Mother Jones has offered a brief history of the idea of basic income, tracking its development from the 18th century to its current resurgence with prominent modern advocates, such as Belgian philosophy professor Philippe van Parijs, and various basic income experiments ongoing in a number of countries. “After decades of obscurity, the

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